• fits your VANMOOF S3
  • transparent, matt
  • maximum edge protection
  • tailor-made quality made in Germany
  • video tutorials for assembly of the films
  • protect what you love with films by RIDAWIA SMILE


Delivery Time: ca. 3-4 business days
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Protective film for VANMOOF S3

You want to protect individual frame parts or need replacements?

Are you looking for a simple protective film for your VANMOOF S3 which you don’t have to cut by yourself? We were looking, too! That’s why we’ve developed our MaxProtect and BasicProtect protective film sets, which save you trouble, frustration and time.

Here you can now buy each part individually!

On the one hand, our protective films have been developed for rockfall protection in the automotive sector. On the other hand – quite honestly, why should there only be paint protection for cars?

It doesn’t matter if your bicycle is “cuddling” with others in the train or people carelessly scratch yours in the bike rack. Stay relaxed, because our films provide optimal protection in every situation. Ride daily with a smile!

Protective film cuts made in the highest quality

Made with ❤ in Germany

Durability and self healing effect

Our paint-protection films will protect your bicycle for many years. Small scratches will disappear by magic, because the film uses the heat of the sun - that means for you: less stress, more pleasure.

100% accuracy of fit

Because the accuracy of fit is so important for us, our films are precisely matched to your VANMOOF S3. We set high value on a simple attachment, therefore we've prepared the films for you in a bond-friendly manner.

Video tutorials for assembly

We will not leave you alone! We want to help you to achieve the best possible result, that's why we've prepared detailed assembly videos. With these example gluings, you can get step by step to a perfect paint-protection. Check here.

Our matt protection film for your VANMOOF S3

Team Light

Team Dark

Our protective film for the VANMOOF S3 withstands heat, moisture, ice, salt, cold and UV radiation. Therefore, your bicycle and its paint remain free of damage.

Retain the value of your bicycle and enjoy the paint for a long time. The self-healing effect helps, because as soon as warm sunbeams are shining on your bicycle, most scratches disappear by themselves. Impatient? You can also do it with warm water by yourself (:

The following parts are not covered by our MaxProtect S3 and BasicProtect S3 paint-protection film sets: display unit, handlebar, saddle rod, crankset, stand, chain box as well as all other attachments and accessories.

Easily release the protected paint: The films can be removed from your VANMOOF S3 after several years of use without residue.

Scope of supply

Shipping partners

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Film properties

Instructions for usage

The bicycle must be free of dust, grease, oils or other pollution, as these impact the adhesive strength of the film. New coatings must be dried or fully cured for the last three weeks. To determine the compatibility, it is recommended to do a test bonding with the paint and the film. Just test it with our protective film sample. The film has to be glued wet.

Please note our instructions for assembly in the video tutorials.


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