• 3 transparent, matt paint-protection stickers
  • Dimensions 20 x 25
  • Fit is based on the VanMoof original


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3 paint-protection stickers for the brake line on the VanMoof S3

Does the brake line of your VanMoof S3 also rub at the paint of the frame?

You’re not alone and there is a simple solution for you: paint-protection stickers.

Simply better than without!

  • Stick paint-protection stickers where they make damn sense.
  • Replace the shiny original paint-protection stickers with our matt ones, which are hardly visible.
  • Visually top and inconspicuous – the fit is based on the original.

Almost as a gift!

Get our paint-protection stickers for only



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Features of our paint-protection stickers





Assembly effort

On the standing bike, surface must be cleaned beforehand.

Assembly time

approx. 3 – 5 minutes

Scope of supply

Shipping partners


Film properties

Made in Germany

Instructions for usage

The bicycle must be free of dust, grease, oils or other pollution, as these impact the adhesive strength of the film. New coatings must be dried or fully cured for the last three weeks. To determine the compatibility, it is recommended to do a test bonding with the paint and the film. We recommend to glue the film wet.

Please note our instructions for assembly in the video tutorials.


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