Paint-protection sticker

matt, strong and there, where you need it

Paint-protection sticker

matt, strong and there, where you need it

If the brake line destroys the paint.

Massiv beschädigter Lack durch die Bremsleitung eins VanMoof S3

Truly a great bike, the VanMoof S3, and yet it has its peculiarities.

We have seen many S3 bicycles and talked to some dissatisfied moofers: The fact is, the brake line can play along badly.

We have already experienced this: Specially attached protective film, which made no sense at all, because the brake line didn’t even come close to the original paint-protection sticker. Unfortunately, the assembly ex works doesn’t always ensure optimal positioning of the left brake line, a pity for the paint!

As a result, the paint ages and wears out much faster due to friction.

Visually a disaster, especially because the matt paint is very susceptible to friction damage.

The solution is: paint-protection stickers

Simple! Extend the paint-protection with our paint-protection stickers and pull the teeth of the brake line!

Simply better than without!

  • Stick paint-protection stickers where they make damn sense.
  • Replace the shiny original stickers with our matt and transparent paint-protection stickers, which are hardly visible.
  • Visually top and inconspicuous – the fit is based on the original.

On the pictures are positioning examples, our paint-protection stickers are matt.

What distinguishes our paint-protection stickers:

Long durability

Tested on many premium brands such as Tesla, Porsche, Aston Martin, Audi and co. The drivers of these vehicles have been relying for many years on the excellent quality of the film we use.

Imported from the USA

Our premium manufacturer SunTek is the industry leader when it comes to functional films. 60 years of know-how deliver the best possible films and paint-protection products.

Perfect balance

The optimized adhesive ensures easy assembly, long-term adhering as well as quick and damage-free removal.

Technical properties of the paint-protection stickers

Lackschutzfolie SunTek PPF M mit den einzelnen Schichten
  1. Surface sealing: flexible, self-healing polyurethane coating
  2. Urethane: impact-resistant 6 mil (152.4 μ) urethane for excellent UV, heat and water resistance
  3. Adhesive layer: self-curing acrylic copolymer adhesive formula for balanced adhesion and cohesion properties
  4. Carrier film: matt, polyester carrier material
Dimensions of our paint-protection stickers: 20 x 25 mm

Paint-protection for bicycles is my passion.

Hello, my name is Christoph [36] and I’ve been working with paint-protection products for bicycles for several years. My bikes are in dire need of paint-protection, as I travel a lot in everyday life.

Get on the train, shop quickly here, get up the stairs (down again), step on the gas and get back on the train … share the available space with other passengers and their bikes – that means to often share scratches! The life of a bike can be very intensived and marked, but that needs to be changed!

As the head of RIDAWIASMILE.COM, I’ve been a convinced cyclist for over five years. The car is history for me and the passion for mobility on two wheels is great. E-bikes give us the opportunity to largely optimize and rethink our everyday mobility. Hopefully some cars will soon be at a standstill more often or once will even do it without altogether.

It took a lot of time to find the perfect paint-protection film for the VanMoof bikes. Together with paint-protection professionals, I’ve tested, discarded, researched … In the end, as so often in life, the bottom line was: It’s not possible without quality.

That’s why I implement our protective film products with the US premium manufacturer SunTek. SunTek is the industry leader when it comes to functional films. 60 years of know-how stand for the best possible tinting films and paint-protection products.

Christoph Standtke

Easy to attach in just four steps!



Order here and get your paint-protection stickers
in a few days.



Clean the area, which has to be protected
with glass cleaner and a cloth.



Slowly pull a paint-protection sticker
from the carrier and moisten the
back with just a little bit of water.



Position the paint-protection sticker
on the areas, which has to be protected, and
squeeze out the liquid with a cloth.

Why matt paint needs special attention.

Who doesn’t know it? You buy a new bike and soon the first signs of use are visible. This affair is particularly nasty when cable or even brake lines aregrinding on the frame. After just a few months, the surface can besustainably and irreparably damaged.

There are more and more people for whom a well-groomed bicycle is very important. Especially if you’ve put several thousand euros on the table. However, empty promises of robust matt paint are often only marketing highlights. Especially with matt paint, a protective clear coat is missing. As a result, defects set in much faster, and the matt paint “wears out” much faster than its glossy counterpart, which is protected by clear lacquer. Therefore, protection is important if you want to keep the frame surface attractive for a long time.

Excessive friction leads to an effect that is equivalent to polishing, because the open-pored matt paint begins to shine more and more with increasing friction. However, this process is irreparable,so that the paint is permanently damaged over a long period of friction. There’s only one reliable solution here: conceal the polished areas with a matt paint-protection film.

VanMoof has launched a fantastic bicycle on the market with the S3. We’re very enthusiastic about this type of electromobility. This bike is just a lot of fun! However, it quickly cast a cloud over the pleasure when brake lines damage the frame. It’s a pity if the attached “protective devices” or stickers for protection simply failbecause they’ve been positioned incorrectly.

With our highly robust paint-protection stickers, we want to help people to maintain the matt look of the VanMoof S3 for a long time. It’s extremely important to us to keep these bicycles attractive for the secondary market. We’re convinced that the S3 can and should reach out more people.

Almost as a gift!

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