Christoph Standtke 2020
This is Christoph

Hi (: my name is Christoph and I am the owner and head of RIDAWIA SMILE. Together with my experienced team from long-standing entrepreneurs, we are a young and innovative manufacturer of protective films. Our goal: increase the joy of cycling. With our film sets you effectively protect your bicycle from the wounds of everyday life. This is RIDAWIA SMILE – “ride daily with a smile”!

We are bike enthusiasts, we love and live cycling! Whether in everyday life, on holiday or in competition – getting around with two wheels is our lifestyle.

That’s why we know very well: a lot can happen in the life of a bicycle and not everyone handles each other’s bikes with care. Whether on the train,  in the bike rack when shopping, on the fence, the lantern or wherever: every scratch hurts and tarnishes the fun of cycling.

We have high demands on quality, precision and ease of assembly of our films. Our aim is to continuously work on us as well as on our products. Everyone should be able to make their bicycle fit for the hustle and bustle of everyday life with little effort.

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