Sensitive surfaces are annoying you?

You find yourself in a strange “over-caution”, in order not to cause any scratches and damages to your bicycle?

You want a more intensive use, but you’re fearing to ruin the bike in the long term through extensions such as child seat, chain lock and co.?

You are annoyed by sensitive surfaces and want to spare your VanMoof further stress?

Relaxed from A to B - every day!

Imagine your new serenity in dealing with your VanMoof when you know that you have effectively protected it from signs of wear with our film. Do not give up the user experience just to avoid signs of use. Get the strongest paint-protection film on the market.

Imagine that you can attach and remove attachments without hesitation and without leaving any visible damage to the paint surface.

Designed for fast and easy: EasyProtect

Fits the years of construction 2020 & 2021 - buy now for the introductory price!

You are already thinking about tomorrow?

You already know today that you will one day resell your VanMoof because you want to buy a new bike?

It’s important to you to stand out from the mass of offers and to achieve the best possible price?

You think that many signs of use will have a negative effect on the purchase price?

With our paint-protection film simply get more out of it!

Imagine if you could protect the surface of the frame almost invisibly from scratches and other damage. And imagine how easy it will be to find a buyer, because your bike still looks fresh even after a few years of use.

Let’s face it, the eye buys it and there will be many bicycles on the used market. Stand out from the crowd with our protective film set and no longer take care of the sensitive surface of the paint.

Made in Germany

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The features of our paint-protection film:

Long durability

Tested on many premium brands such as Tesla, Porsche, Aston Martin, Audi and co. The drivers of these vehicles have been relying for many years on the excellent quality of the film we use.

Imported from the USA

Our premium manufacturer SunTek is the industry leader when it comes to functional films. 60 years of know-how deliver the best possible tinting films and paint-protection products.

The perfect balance

The optimized adhesive ensures easy assembly, long-term adhering as well as quick and damage-free removal.

Optimal thickness

Thanks to the resistant and robust material thickness of 0.20 mm, the film is easy to attach and protects reliably. Thus, our film can hardly be guessed from 1.5 meters distance with the eye - a thick PLUS to the optics.

Self-healing surface

Self-healing properties for small to medium scratches? It's with us! Whether through locks, rings on the fingers, bicycle stands, fences or lanterns: any touches don't longer lead to scratches and are compensated by solar heat.

Quick cleaning

Dirt that remains stubborn is now history, because the optimized surface can be cleaned ultra-quickly and looks clean for longer.

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